About Us

The Australasian Wound & Tissue Repair Society is an organistion of professionals dedicated to improving wound healing and tissue repair.

The Society facilitates avenues whereby all interested parties are able to constructively increase the knowledge base through education, research, and practice, in order to improve the outcomes for patients. Membership to the Society is open to any individual who has demonstrated an interest in the field of wound healing and tissue repair.

The Society has a bi-annual meeting and a number of focus meetings each year concentrating on different aspects of wound healing and tissue repair, ranging from basic science to clinical aspects of healing.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Australasian Wound & Tissue Repair Society is to advance the science, education and practice of wound healing and tissue repair.

Constitution of the AWTRS

The AWTRS constitution can be downloaded here.

Minutes from the AGM

The minutes from the latest 2016 AGM can be downloaded here.

Upcoming AGM

The AWTRS will hold its AGM for 2017 at the Wound Healing Symposium on 27th October in Adelaide (click here).

The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held in accordance with the Constitution of the Society.
Date:               Friday 27 October 2017
Venue:           GP Building, Mawson Lakes Campus, University of South Australia
Time:             Meeting commences 12:30 hours
NB Entrance to the meeting will not be permitted after 12:35 hours.
Order of Business
The ordinary business of the Annual General Meeting will be conducted according to Rule 6.1.1 (a-e) of the Constitution.
Special Business
Any other business other than that identified under Rule 6.1.1 (a-d) shall be deemed Special business. No Special Business will be considered at the Annual General Meeting unless written notification of the business or the relevant motion is received by the AWTRS secretary by 1700 hours Eastern Standard Time, Friday 29 September 2017
Please forward any Special Business to:
Dr Brooke Farrugia
Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
University of New South Wales