Ruilong Zhao, MPhil Student

Sutton Arthritis Research Laboratory

Kolling Institute of Medical Research


What are you working on now?

The effect of activated protein C on incisional wounds in rats.


What/who motivates and inspires you?

Knowing that I will make a small, perhaps almost insignificant, yet definitely palpable contribution to the scientific community.


Where did you study previously?

University of Sydney


What made you choose science?

It offers solutions to our everyday needs and problems, and answers to the workings of the world around us. But at the same time it can be full of intrigue, a lure for an inquisitive mind.


Favourite science teacher and why?

My zoology lecturer in undergrad, she took an interest in all of us individually and went beyond her responsibilities to take care of us on our field trips.


What do you hope to achieve in the next 12 months?

Finish my MPhil.


Favourite holiday destination?

Either somewhere to adrenaline pumping or somewhere serene and tranquil.


If I wasn’t doing this (job) I’d be…

Finishing my med degree. But if I wasn’t doing medicine, I’d still probably be in another branch of science.