The intent of the competition is to highlight and recognise the creativity of our members and provide a series of images communicating the value and beauty of AWTRS research to the wider community.

We invite the submission of quality images that inspire and reflect the work carried out by members of our society. We welcome entries from all disciplines related to wound healing and tissue repair. The images should entice and captivate the viewers’ attention, raising awareness and intrigue about the research. The award has 3 categories:

  • PhD
  • ECR
  • Open


Terms and Conditions

  • Applicant must be a current financial member of AWTRS.
  • Use of this image by AWTRS will not infringe copyright and/or intellectual property rights of a third party.
  • If the entry depicts Aboriginal knowledges, every effort has been made to ensure protection of Aboriginal Peoples rights to traditional knowledges.
  • Applicants for the PhD category must be a current student (PhD, Masters, Honours) at the time of submission.
  • Applicants for the ECR category must be within 7 years of their PhD conferral (taking into account career disruption) at the time of submission.
  • Applicants for the Open category must be more than 7 years post PhD conferral (taking into account career disruption) at the time of submission.
  • AWTRS reserves the right to use a recipient of the AWTRS image award for promotion of AWTRS events (i.e., AWTRS scientific meeting website or flyer).
  • A subcommittee of the AWTRS committee (minimum 3 people) will review the submission and select a recipient for each category.
  • The decision of the subcommittee of the AWTRS committee is final.
  • Each image can only be considered for one (1) award category.
  • Images can only receive one (1) AWTRS image award.
  • Applications submitted by June 15 each calendar year will be considered for the first image award of that year and applications submitted between June 16 and December 15 will be considered for the second image award of that year.



The prize for this competition is a feature in the AWTRS biannual newsletter, as well as being listed as the “Featured image” on the AWTRS website and all affiliated social media channels.



Image submissions must be at least 300dpi at an approximate minimum size of 6000 pixels x 6000 pixels or 500mm x 500mm, saved as either a .jpg or .tif file size 6MB or greater.

Past Recipients