The award recognises outstanding research achievement by Early Career Researchers and aims to promote and encourage emerging young investigators in the wound and tissue repair field.


To be eligible for these awards, applicants must:

  • be enrolled as a student or have PhD awarded within 7 years of the date of application. Career interruptions such as illness, family and carer responsibilities will be taken into account if more than the prescribed period has passed since the award of their PhD.
  • be a financial member of Australasian Wound and Tissue Repair Society.
  • not have been a previous recipient of an AWTRS Young Investigator Award.

Applications open once a year. Details will be available when applications open and an announcement will be made in the AWTRS Newsletter and through an email alert with all of the details.

Past Awardees

Dr Jiao-Jiao Li
Dr Jiao-Jiao Li2019 AWTRS Young Investigator of The Year
Dr Christopher Turner
Dr Christopher Turner2018 AWTRS Young Investigator of The Year
Dr Xanthe Strudwick
Dr Xanthe Strudwick2017 AWTRS Young Investigator of The Year
Dr Zlatko Kopecki
Dr Zlatko Kopecki2016 AWTRS Young Investigator of The Year