The 1st AWTRS Conference took place in Darwin in 2008 and has since become a biannual event attended by AWTRS members. At each AWTRS conference the society awards number of Travel awards to students and ECRs in order to support our ECR members attend the bi-annual AWTRS conference. Details of the travel awards, eligibility and how to apply can be found in the newsletter and details will appear on here when applications open.

Past Recipients of the AWTRS Conference Travel Awards

Year Conference Recipients
2022 AWTRS 2022

Darling Harbour, Sydney

12th – 14th September 2022

  • Nutan Chaudhari (UWA)
  • Hanif Haidari (UniSA)
  • Linyang Liu (USyd)
  • Zahra Lotfollahi (SAHMRI)
  • Zalitha Pieterse (Curtin University)
  • Umut Rende (UNSW)
2020 Pan Pacific Connective Tissue Societies Symposium

Virtual Meeting

24th – 26th November 2020

  • Savannah Aitcheson (QUT)
  • Hanif Haidari (UniSA)
  • Zalitha Pieterse (Curtin University)
  • Zoe West (QUT)
  • Ziyu Wang (USyd)
2018 Cutaneous Biology 2018

North Stradbroke Island

29th October – 1st November 2018

  • Natalie Stevens (UniSA)
  • Christopher Turner (U. of British Columbia)
  • Xanthe Strudwick (UniSA)
  • Zalitha Pieterse (Curtin University)
  • Carla Cannizzo (USyd)
  • Zoe West (QUT)
  • Andrew Stevenson (UWA)
  • Stuart Mills (UniSA)
2016 Conjoint AWTRS-MEPSA Conference

Melbourne 7-9th November 2016

  • Ruilong Zhao (USyd)
  • Anh Tao (Usyd)
  • Lucas Wager (QUT)
  • Nadira Ruzehaji (INSERM)
  • Gink Yang (UniSA)
  • Chee-Wai Wong (Curtin University)
  • Leila Cuttle (QUT)
  • Xanthe Strudwick (UniSA)
2014 4th AWTRS Conference

Gold Coast 4-6th May 2014

  • Dario Stupar (QUT)
  • Xanthe Strudwick (UniSA)
  • Joan Röhl (QUT)
  • Andrea Zaharia (QUT)
  • Brooke Farrugia (UNSW)
2012 Conjoint AWTRS-ASDR Conference

Sydney 22-14th May

  • James Broadbent (QUT)
  • Zlatko Kopecki (WCHRI)
  • Brooke Farrugia (QUT)
  • Carolina Weller (Monash University)
  • Daniel Broszczak (QUT)
  • Alex Cameron (WHCRI)
2010 2nd AWTRS Conference “Crossing Boundaries”

Perth 22-24th March, 2010

  • Jemma Evans (Prince Henrys Institute)
  • Cheng-Hung Lin (WCHRI)
  • James Musyoka (RMIT)
  • James Waters (WCHRI)
2008 1ST AWTRS Conference

Darwin 6th-7th May, 2008

  • James Broadbent (QUT)
  • Kelly Veale (CHBRI)
  • Zlatko Kopecki (WCHRI)