The 2019 AWTRS Tissue Repair Symposium is a one day event to showcase the latest progress in tissue repair.

The symposium will include

Invited talks from leading researchers in tissue repair encompassing immunology, stem cells, cell based therapies, and much more
A Science Communication Workshop by Emma Donnelly from comm-it: communication solutions with science
Poster Session  – including prizes students and ECRs
A Networking Session

Invited Presenters include:

Professor Caroline Gargett, Hudson Institute of Medical Research: ‘Beyond Pelvic Mesh: regenerative medicine to the rescue for pelvic organ prolapse repair’

Dr Amy Gelmi, RMIT: ‘Temporal Characterisation of the Cell-Material Interface’

Professor Nicola Harris, Monash University: ‘Microbiota-regulation of eosinophils is required for the maintenance of small intestinal homeostasis in response to colonization’

Dr Michael Murray, University of Melbourne: ‘Netrin regulation of epithelial plasticity: lessons from the fly’

A/Professor Enzo Porrello, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute: ‘Human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiac organoids for accelerated drug discovery’

Dr Anita Quigley, RMIT: ‘3D printing for tissue engineering’

Dr James Vince, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research: ‘The intersection of cell death and inflammasome signalling pathways’

Zoe West, QUT:  ‘Targeting MMPs to reduce macrophage migration’

Parinaz Ahangar, UniSA: ‘The healing effects of gingival derived mesenchymal stem cells and their secretome on cutaneous wounds’


Registration Cost: $25 Student Registration / $50 Delegate Registration

Registration includes: access to the scientific presentations, poster session, science communication workshop, catering including light refreshments, lunch and networking session
Students and ECRs: there will be a poster session, if you would like to present a poster please select the add on during registration (you must do this to be able to present your poster!). You do not need to submit an abstract, only indicate that you would like to present a poster so we can make sure there are poster boards available. There will be prizes!!
To register please see the eventbrite site